About Us

My name is Lin and I’m a creative manager of the artistic studio “CanvasLarge Art”. Our team is composed of five painters and some other collaborators. Each of our artists creates works in his or her own style, that makes them unique and inimitable. We love modern Art and we are a very solid and friendly crew – each of the members of our company knows his job well and is highly able to collaborate with other colleagues. Thanks God we have a job that gives us a lot of satisfaction because we make people happy with our canvases. We are thankful to each of our clients and our big family works to embody each of your dreams. Our company participates to various exhibitions, collaborates with interior designers and publishing houses. We have been working since 2010 and this time has given to us a lot of important experience. Each of our canvases is a kind of masterpiece with its own energy and soul because it’s made with love and heart of our artists.

Lin, designer and owner of Canvaslarge.com, a mom to a 6-year old boy. She spends the most of time on customer service and communications, pre and after sales, shop promote in oversea market. And she created the most of minimal art on the website.

Biao, a difficult person to work with, it's not about his personality, it's all because of the way he works, alway full of ideas, try all the best to make things perfect. That's why he always work overtime, fortunately, he loves to stay in the studio.

Dao, a self-taught artist, paints abstract and landscape. He was an engineer, decided to be a full-time painter since 2008, that needed a big courage to quit a high-paid job and start something new as a career, anyway, he did it, and he is doing so great, living a good life and being himself.

Leo, paints palette knife painting, very creative, he is very serious person, not funny at all, don't talk too much, stay in the studio all the time and fall in love with colors like crazy. He is good, but he is bored, LOL :-)

LinXing, a father of twins, he is a family guy, don't go out much. His career started at 8, can you imagine a little boy tried to sell his master pieces to neighbors? LOL, that was lovely! He always want to become a great artist, I think he already did it.

Each artist in our team is talented in certain subjects or technics, we paint every single piece of art carelfully, slowly, we expand our business by reputation.

My painting in a customer's home

My painting in a customer's home 2

My painting in a customer's home 3